W.I.B.D.I. celebrates significant milestone

Twenty six years ago, was when the founding members of Women in Business officially became a Non-Governmental Organisation. The idea of having a significant space for a processing facility was just a mere thought, an out of reach dream.

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APPRECIATING WHAT WE HAVE:  La’asaga Keti 28 Leauvaa Uta.

Appreciation the key to happiness

Life is always great for Laasaga Keti, 28 of Leauvaa-uta. Despite a busy life and the high cost of living, Laasaga is still grateful for the life he is living in today. 

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BUILDING A BETTER FUTURE: Tino Pa’a from Faleasiu Tai.

Never too young to create your future

Don’t ever doubt your capabilities and your strengths. Just believe that everything you want is possible for you.

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NEVER TOO OLD TO WORK: Fa’aea Faleupolu from the village of Fasito’o uta.

Leading by example

If the new generation doesn’t know how to play their role, then we might as well just show them how it’s done.

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MR. THINK POSITIVE: Pasi Lualua 59 of Tuanai Uta.

Positive thinking does it

“Think positive and then you will see the good in life.” That is the message from Mr Pasi Lualua, 50 of Tuanai-Uta

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Lolo designates A.S.T.C.A. as government phone company

The American Samoa Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga has ordered the government’s designated phone company for internet, landlines and cellular  phones to be the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority. 

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Samoa urged to contribute more

The United Nations Human Rights experts have called on the Samoa Government officials to lend more assistance to the country’s sexual and reproductive health agenda and reduce their dependency on international assistance. 

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Tilaspia were first introduced to Samoa in the 1950’s.

Tilapia seminar brings together community

On Friday 18th August, the U.N.D.P./G.E.F. Small Grants Programme in collaboration with Fisheries Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries held an awareness seminar session led by Aquaculture Advisor for Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Dr Timothy Pickering.

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Former headquarters of S.L.C. at Tuanaimato.

S.L.C. may return to Tuanaimato

Government is considering relocating the Samoa Land Corporation from the top floor of the Vaitele Market, back to the empty, former headquarters of S.L.C. at Tuanaimato.

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Olo challenges P.M. to coach the Manu Samoa

Member of Parliament, Olo  Fiti Va’ai is calling on Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi to step down as the Chairman of the Samoa Rugby Union. Olo also challenged Tuilaepa to appoint himself as the new Head Coach for the Manu Samoa. 

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CONGRATULATIONS: Some of the 22 scholarship students, bound for China pictured with (fourth from left), Tagaloa Sharon Potoi Aiafi, H.E. Ambassador Wang Xuefeng and Madame Tong Xin.

Students awarded scholarships in China

The Chinese Embassy hosted a farewell reception for 22 students who have been awarded scholarships to study in China. Samoa’s Chinese Ambassador, H.E. Wang Xuefeng congratulated all the students who are making the journey to China to further their studies in universities in various cities.

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Senior reporter, a Fellow at the Dart Centre for Journalism

Samoa’s National 2AP Radio Senior Reporter, Meritiana Oti, has been awarded an international fellowship from the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma. 

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SAMOA'S FREEDOM FIGHTER: The late Ta’isi Olaf Frederick Nelson.

Samoa history and life of Ta'isi O.F. Nelson launched

Samoa’s freedom fighter, successful entrepreneur and a man who did not shy away from defying world leaders he did not feel uncomfortable with during his time, the late Ta’isi Olaf Frederick Nelson was honoured yesterday during the launch of a book dedicated to his life, at his old home at Tuaefu.

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PICK A COLOUR: Filimoni Pelenato, Tolai Seve, Carlos Sialaoa and Charlie Sanalele.

MONI drinks show your true colours

Samoa Breweries hosted a tasting of their newly-available alcoholic product called ‘MONI’ at their headquarters at Vaitele on Friday. MONI consists of five different flavours including, Le Moana (Blue), Le Afi (Red) , Le La (Yellow), Le Mauga (Green) and Le Masina (White).

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Minister defends Samoa Airways logo

The Minister of Public Enterprises, Lautafi Fio Purcell has leapt to the defence of the Samoa Airways logo following criticism and numerous public complaints. Citing costs and priority spending, Lautafi reassured the public that they will change their opinions once they see it on the tail of the plane. 

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FATHER, FARMER, FISHERMAN: Iopu Lui from Fasito’o uta.  Photo / Talimalie Uta

Still a young soul

Age is just a number.

Ask 58 year old Iopu Lui and he will show you how age doesn’t define his energy to work.

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Hard working man pleading for water Gaoa Semi (50) Tuanai Uta.

Water shortage a common issue

It is hard to believe that its 2017 and the lack of water and electricity still exists in Samoa. The question is: Why has this become a common issue these days? 

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FAMILY MAN: Talamatavao Motu of Faleasiu.

No problem too big to be solved

It has been said that family is where life begins. And it is within families where trouble begins as well; that’s if the parents are not carrying out their duties anymore.

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JUST WATER: Solomona Vasasou Leiataua from Manono and Fasito’o.

Water would make everything okay

Solomona Vasasou Leiataua is not new to the world of farming and fishing. The 28 year old said that this is his way of earning a living and supporting his family.

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ESCAPING THE COLD: Robert and Sandra Senderson enjoying the warm weather of Samoa. Photo / Deidre Tautua – Fanene

Frequent visitors

Robert and Sandra Senderson are no strangers to Samoa. The couple are originally from Scotland however they have been living in New Zealand for the past nine years.

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Think a Minute

Wishing life away

Think a minute…Do you wish you were somewhere else right now? At the beach? Away on a nice holiday? At Disneyland? Many of us spend a lot of our time wishing we were somewhere else.


The foreword of Palemia; A Memoir*

Early in 2015, Dr Peter Swain paid me a courtesy visit at my office.

Between the Lines


NUMBERS PLEASE Is it our imagination or has there been a genuine upsurge in the number of tourists in Samoa? We say genuine, because we are not counting those who are our own ‘sons and daughters (and other aiga) for the return home’!

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